Carly Pearce Dropping the ACM Award on Stage is All of Us [Watch]

Carly Pearce drops ACM Award Michael Ray helps out
Photo by Arroyo-OConnor / AFF-USA.COM

We’ve all heard and probably used the expression “mic drop.” And who among us hasn’t “dropped the ball.” It’s even quite possible that someone else has dropped a trophy before, but we can’t imagine that anyone could have done it as beautifully and unknowingly as Carly Pearce did at Sunday night’s ACM Awards.

Michael shared a video of the incident on his Instagram page and it plays out something like this:

Carly and Michael had the esteemed honor of presenting the “Duo of the Year” winners, Dan + Shay, with their trophy. Like the country music family typically does, there was a congratulatory hug when the duo made their way to the stage. As Carly embraced Shay and Michael threw his arm around Dan, it looks as if Carly is handing the trophy off to her soon-to-be husband. However, he didn’t know this and the silvery award goes crashing to the ground.

As soon as Michael realizes what has happened he snatches the trophy up, gives the crowd an “it’s OK” wave and immediately places the award in Dan’s hands for safe keeping.

Meanwhile, Carly realizes what has happened and bursts out laughing.

In the caption, Michael writes, “I always gotcha back babe.”

Now, that’s teamwork!

It bears mentioning that the awards that the winners receive on stage are usually dummy trophies that haven’t been engraved and personalized. They typically get their real trophies a few weeks later.