The Evolution of Carly Pearce Continues With New Single “Closer To You”

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Carly Pearce Closer To you
Photo courtesy Big Machine

The last year and a half has been something dreams are made of for Carly Pearce. The Kentucky native has garnered a No. 1 hit with her debut single “Every Little Thing,” won her first CMT Award for Breakthrough Video of the Year and played the Nissan stadium during CMA Fest for starters and it’s only gotten better from there.

“I think my New Years Resolution this year will be to try and make myself enjoy the journey,” Carly tells One Country. “I’m thankful for social media because I feel like that allows me to look back and go, ‘Wow there’s my timeline of things that I have done.”

What Carly is doing now is releasing her third single “Closer To You.” The new tune written by Hillary Lindsey, Gordie Sampson, Troy Verges, is the next step in the evolution of Carly.

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“I haven’t intended to make any kind of concept album, but I do feel like chronologically you’re following my exact story of ‘Every Little Thing’ being heartbreak, ‘Hide the Wine’ being dating around and figuring it out and ‘Closer to You,’ I have been very honest I’m in a relationship that is giving me all the feels all the love and as soon as I heard this song I could relate to every single lyric,” says Carly. “I’ve always been an artist wanted to cut great songs even if I didn’t write them. This was exactly where I was and it feels absolutely like what fans are going to expect from me as this next single comes out.”

“Closer to You” is just a taste of what we can expect from Carly’s upcoming sophomore album, which she says is “an evolution of what you’d expect from me.”

“‘Closer to You’ has a little bit different feel but there’s still that instrumentation of the Dobro and the country lyric and the things that I do with my voice that I think makes me who I am,” adds Carly. “You’re just going to hear everything that’s happened to me in the last year and a half—from a professional side, from a personal side. I think more than ever I’ve just evolved into the person that I’d always had hoped and found a lot of happiness in the last year and half that has really started to just exude in my music and in my songs and in my posts and in my interviews and all that stuff.”

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“There’s a diamond sky that’s waiting for us just outside of town / With the moon hanging for me and you, baby / We can cut the headlights out when there ain’t no one else around / Kill the space in between, slide across that leather seat / Heart to heart, face to face, you know all I wanna do / Is get closer, closer, closer to you / Closer to you,” Carly sings in the chorus.
Carly Pearce single cover
Obviously that happiness in Carly’s personal life is thanks to her boyfriend, Michael Ray, whom she revealed she was dating earlier this year.

“I have been very private with other relationships. That’s always been a mysterious side to me, I’ve never have brought anybody with me to anything or spoke of anybody or posted anything and quite frankly I wondered why was that, why don’t I want to do that, why is that not something that I am feeling drawn to do. It’s because I never felt anything the way that I do now,” reveals Carly. “If I was not Carly Pearce the country music artist, I would be posting about my boyfriend Michael. That’s how I’ve approached my career. I have told you everything that has happened to me in the struggles in Nashville, in the heartbreak the I’ve experienced, in the mess ups with too much wine and it only feels right to tell you, ‘Oh my goodness I’m in love now’ and I think it’s a really fun thing for us.”

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With a new love and a new single, Carly is looking forward to more new things to come in the new year.

“2019 is going to bring a new album, which is crazy and exciting and scary, but it’s time and I’m ready for it,” the 28-year-old admits. “I’m excited for people to hear this next record. We’ve cut almost half of it and are actively writing and actively picking outside songs. It’s definitely coming together and I’m seeing the shape of it start to come to life.”

You can catch Carly performing her new single when she appears during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade on Nov. 22.