Carly Pearce’s “Hide the Wine” Will Make You Want to Drink All The Wine


If Carrie Underwood and Kelsea Ballerini had a baby that created a song with Maren Morris, it’d probably be Carly Pearce‘s “Hide the Wine.”

If it sounds familiar that’s because– first, it’s a story almost every single every human has been through. And it was written by Ashley Gorley, Luke Laird and Hillary Lindsey. Together, the three of them have written a number of songs for Carrie Underwood and countless others, though she is their biggest common denominator. They also have approximately 40 (or so) No. 1 hits as songwriters.

And while “Hide The Wine” is full of lyrical gems, it’s also half-a-glass too close to dancing with one too many uncles at your friend’s wedding– in the really, really good way. And that’s because Pearce’s delivery is spot-on. It’s got enough sass to slap your hand away from the wine, enough vocal prowess to impress your mama and country goodness to convince your brother to buy it.

I heard you were back in town

Well, it’s been a hot minute
Since me and you were hangin’ out

Yeah, we had that crazy kind of

Where you get burned, don’t learn, don’t care

Just reach for another match and gasoline, yeah

Knock, knock, hear ya comin’, knockin’ on my door
But you’re gonna have to wait on the porch


Better hide the wine and get it gone

I better hide every one of them records that turn me on

(Lock ’em up, lock ’em up)

Turn up the lights and kill the mood

Because, baby, I just don’t trust myself with you

I better hide the wine

I know me and I know you

I better get rid of all the two buck chuck

And the high dollar good stuff too

‘Cause, baby, if I don’t, then
you know what we’ll do, yeah

One sip, one tip, we’ll be sittin’ on the couch

You’ll be kickin’ off your shoes

I better hide the wine, yeah
Knock, knock, hear ya comin’, knockin’ on my door
But you’re gonna have to wait another minute on the porch
Oh no, no, it’s a dangerous thing
Pourin’ alcohol on an old flame

“Hide the Wine” is off of Pearce’s debut album, Every Little Thing, which features one of the best songs of 2017– “Every Little Thing.”