Carly Pearce Speaks Out After Being Body Shamed on Social Media

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Carly Pearce body shaming after show
Photo by Tammie Arroyo/

Carly Pearce is not the first celebrity to be body shamed by social media trolls and unfortunately, she won’t be the last. But when the 28-year-old speaks out about the hate she encounters, it needs to be heard.

After performing at a show in Iowa, Carly received messages from an obviously unhappy with themselves person that tried to shame her body. The “Hide the Wine” singer wasn’t going to be shamed but wanted to make a bigger point.

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Carly took to Instagram to share the direct message she received. Not to give attention to the body-shamer but to bring attention to the power of words.

“Last night, I got off stage on a high from an amazing show in Iowa, where I headlined my second show of the weekend, hearing the entire crowd sing the words to my songs,” Carly began.  “I checked my messages as I do every night after a show because I love y’all and love to see the fun you’ve had at the show, and then I saw these 2 messages. Honestly I’m still in disbelief but I wanted to share this with you because I feel like this is important (especially for women) to see that WORDS ARE POWERFUL & no matter what, THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK and BE KIND. Body Shaming & Bullying ARE NEVER OKAY.

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Accompanied with her post, Carly shared the messages that she received. The first asked if she was pregnant, showing a close up of her stomach from the stage. That was followed by another body shot of Carly with the words, “because you run 10 miles a day…”

Words matter people.