Carrie Underwood’s Husband Mike Fisher Reveals He Can See Into the Future

Carrie Underwood husband Mike Fisher tells the future 20 years later
Photo by Arroyo-OConnor / AFF-USA.COM

Country music fans of Carrie Underwood know without question how amazing she is, and they’ve also learned that her husband, Mike Fisher, is pretty darn awesome, too. Not only was he a stand-out on the ice during his tenure with the National Hockey League, he’s also an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, and a great husband, father, and son. He speaks about his faith with conviction and his family with love.

He also, apparently, has a window into the future. At least he did 25 years ago.

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On his Instagram page, Mike shares a photo of a paper he wrote in 1994 at around the age of 15. In the paper, young Michael Fisher is describing what the year 2019 will look like.

A pretty typical boy, Mike talks about the changes he foresees for cars (running on hydrogen and solar power) and boats (ALL will have jet engines). He also shows his early deep love of hockey predicting that there will be 35 NHL teams and the Florida Panthers will have won 5 Stanley Cups.

Mike’s paper takes a dark turn when he writes about a bit of anarchy that could exist in 2019, but it’s his final remarks that establish his visionary status.

He writes, “I also think that in all shopping centers there will be computer shopping. You order it on your computer and they deliver it instantly.”

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Sound familiar?

In the comments, 2019 Mike writes, “I wrote this 25 years ago. The @flapanthers let me down but other than that pretty close!! You’re welcome @amazon.”