7 Pretty Weird ‘Carrie Underwood’ Items You Can Buy For the Carrie Underwood Fan in Your Life


Like many people, I am a constant browser of Amazon. You just never know what you need to have at your door in 2 days.

Recently, while searching “Carrie Underwood” on Amazon.com, 46,886 results came up. This felt like a lot, so I did some exploring and let me tell you– there’s some weird stuff out there.

7 Pretty Weird ‘Carrie Underwood‘ Items You Can Buy on Amazon:

1. Carrie Under-wear
Why underwear featuring Carrie Underwood exists is beyond me. And why it exists and isn’t called Carrie Under-wear is further beyond my comprehension.

2. Carrie Underwood Mouse Pad

For the old school Carrie Underwood techie in your life.

3. Carrie Throw Pillow
When I was little I had a New Kids On the Block pillowcase. This isn’t a pillowcase, this is a decorative throw pillow. Next level fandom.

4. Carrie Grocery Tote
So many photos of Carrie, so little time.

Or this one, too.

5. Fake Carrie Driver’s License
Impress your friends with this “Carrie Underwood Fun Fake ID”, 3.125″ X 2.375″, dummy driving license. This beautifully designed, Made in USA, credit card size license can be placed into your wallet very easily.


6. Carrie Non-Slip Mat
But, why would you want to step on her?!

7. Carrie Underwood 2- Crystal Christmas Ornament

‘Tis the season for Carrie!