This Video of Carrie Underwood Harmonizing with the Songwriters of “Church Bells” Might Change Your Life


I’m not going to speak for Carrie Underwood on this or anything, but one of her favorite songwriters of all-time has to be Hillary Lindsey.

Carrie’s released five studio albums for a total of 67 tracks. Hillary is listed as a co-writer on 27 of those tracks, 10 of those were/are No. 1 hits. That means Hillary has written 38 percent of Carrie’s music for her or with her. As of late, it’s usually with her– they co-wrote five tracks on Carrie’s latest Storyteller album together and Hillary has four other co-writes on the disc. Meaning, Hillary co-wrote nine of 13 cuts on one album. (She got eight cuts on Carrie’s Blown Away album.)

Hillary’s most recent hit for Carrie, “Church Bells” was a co-write with Brett James and Zach Crowell. (Brett co-wrote “Something In The Water,” “Jesus Take The Wheel,” and “Cowboy Casanova” too.) And during a recent celebration of the song reaching No. 1 on the country music charts, Hillary, Brett and Zach joined Carrie on stage for an acoustic performance of the song and it was pretty special.

First, even though they were seated, Hillary and Carrie managed to do some dancing. Like, a lot of dancing.

Second, the harmonies were out of this world. Especially when they delivered the lines, “And that next morning, sitting in the back pew /
Praying with the baptists.”



One more time.