7 Times Carrie Underwood Covered a Country Classic and Made It Sound Like Her Own


It’s been almost a year since Carrie Underwood announced she was signing with a new Nashville record label with the hopes of taking her country music stardom global. When the decision was announced it had been over a year since her last studio album, Storyteller, dropped and “Church Bells” had peaked at No. 1 on the charts months prior. The move meant the album wasn’t going to get that historic and much-wanted fifth single, but it also made us believe that new music could be on the way.

Now, a year later and almost 6 months since anyone has really even seen Underwood, we have no new music, no announcements about new music and very little speculation about when we can expect either. So, we wait and watch old videos of Underwood covering country classics and making them sound like her own. And honestly, at this point an album of country covers would actually be pretty great.

7 Times Carrie Underwood Covered a Country Classic and Made It Sound Like Her Own:

1. “Does He Love You” with Reba McEntire

McEntire and Linda Davis won a GRAMMY for their performance on this one, but look how much fun she is having with Underwood during this. These two absolutely come after each other at the 3-minute mark. I cried the first 12 times I watched it.


2. “Independence Day”

McBride released this tune in 1994, but when Underwood covered it, you almost forgot. Not to mention– McBride’s vocals aren’t what they used to be and she can barely sing it anymore.

3. “9 to 5” with Jennifer Nettles

This song isn’t even a duet, but this performance made me think it was. And, yes, Jennifer Nettles was doing just fine on her own, but she knows that if you’re given the opportunity to sing with Underwood you take it.


4. “Remember When”

This is definitely an Alan Jackson song, but somhow she did this and did it right.

5. “Stand By Your Man”

Underwood might be the only singer in the world who can cover Tammy Wynette and not sound like she’s singing karaoke.

6. “I Will Always Love You”

Speechless. “I Will Always Love You” is easily one of the hardest songs in the world to sing, no matter which version you try.

7. “Neon Moon”

If there’s a more identifiable voice in country music than Ronnie Dunn’s, I can’t name one. But, of course, no one told Underwood that.