Carrie Underwood Takes Fans Behind The Scenes Of “Cry Pretty” Video


When Carrie Underwood released her new single, “Cry Pretty,” earlier this year, it was her first new music since 2016’s “Dirty Laundry.” She later dropped the video for the power ballad during “American Idol” and now the Oklahoma native is taking fans behind-the-scenes for an inside look at the making of “Cry Pretty.”

The official “Cry Pretty” video, directed by Randee St. Nicholas, was shot over two days beginning at Noelle in Nashville, with the live portion being shot at Municipal Auditorium. Carrie walks us through her two-day shoot, complete with glittery eye makeup, which fans love to imitate.

“We are at the Noelle hotel in Nashville and we have this whole floor to shoot “Cry Pretty,” Carrie said in the behind the scenes video. “The song and the video are just kind of when you can’t put on the brave face anymore, it’s gotta come out sometime. And when it does, all you can do is just let it out.”

Carrie certainly let’s it all out during the filming of her new video as she plays the role of a scorned woman who isn’t afraid to cry. 

As the long shooting days come to an end, we see Carrie getting a smooch from her two-year-old son, Isaiah, who was on set with mom. Carrie then joyously yells, “That’s a wrap, Yay,” and her job here is done.