Carrie Underwood Dreamed of Being an Olympic Figure Skater Growing Up (Like Every Little Girl in Oklahoma?)


Carrie Underwood and I grew up about 90 miles down I-40 from one another, just a few months apart in age. Because of this, I’ve always assumed we had several things in common just because of proximity and all. Obviously, Carrie has the voice of an actual angel and seven GRAMMYs, so our paths ended up differently, but growing up, it seems, we both wanted to be figure skaters.

This is weird because, in the part of the country where we grew up, I’m guessing there weren’t any real ice skaters around. There wasn’t an ice rink in my town and despite all its charm, Checotah also lacked a rink. But, of course, when Olympic fever hits, it really hits and Carrie, like me, just really loved figure skating, “growing up, I always loved figure skating. I always thought the girls were so beautiful and graceful and strong and athletic. I mean, I remember dancing around our living room pretending I was an ice skater, even though I’d never been on the ice before. That’s always one that’s fun to watch, and I am always in awe just how high everyone jumps and twists and spins. It’s incredible,” Carrie shared with her record label.

Now that Carrie is married to a man that’s pretty good on the ice, maybe this dream can still come true for her. We have seen her on the ice before.