Carrie Underwood Gets Help Tying Her Own Shoes From the Two Special Men in Her Life

Carrie Underwood Mike Fisher tying shoes Isaiah
Photo by Tammie Arroyo/

Being pregnant is not easy. Ask any mother you know. But when Carrie Underwood has two special guys by her side, things can be a little easier. As she nears the end of her pregnancy Carrie’s belly is pretty large, preventing her from bending over to tie her sparkly shoes.

The singer took to Instagram to show how she now gets the task done.

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“I can no longer tie my own shoes…So glad I have such sweet helpers! 💖,” she wrote alongside the precious video.

In the video, we get to see from Carrie’s point of view. Looking past her expanding belly, we see her husband Mike and son Isaiah giving a helping hand. Mike takes care of Carrie’s right shoe, while Isaiah tackles the left. Now keep in mind, Isaiah is only 3 years old, so he also needed some help from dad when it came to finishing the task.

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However, Isaiah wants to do it all by himself. As he begins to tie a knot, Mike reaches over to lend an hand and Isaiah wants not part of it—pushing dad away.

“Let daddy fix it a little bit,” Carrie can be heard saying.

“No, I got it” Isaiah retorts. “I do it the cool way. It won’t fall off today.”

In the end, Mike comes in to finish the job, much to Isaiah’s dismay. However, the important part is that Carrie has two great guys taking care of her through her pregnancy. That should make it a little bit easier.