In One Tweet, Carrie Underwood Helps a School and Empowers Girls

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Carrie Underwood young girls California wildfires
Photo by © Tammie Arroyo /

Carrie Underwood may not have conventionally followed her mother and sister’s career paths, but she is definitely there to support education, and she didn’t hesitate when four young ladies made her aware of a need for a California school.

In a video on teacher Regan Lonien’s Twitter page, the girls explained that they, along with their entire school, are raising money for Butte County Schools near Paradise, California, an area ravaged by last year’s wildfires. The tiny philanthropists who say that they are Carrie’s biggest fans add that their goal is to donate $5,000 to the rebuilding of a new facility. They then punctuate their message by singing one of Carrie’s most empowering tunes, “Love Wins.”

According to NPR, eight of nine schools were destroyed in the wildfires that affected Paradise.

The daughter and sister of educators, Carrie tweeted back to the inspiring young girls, “My mom was a teacher and my 2 sisters are also teachers. It’s so great to see a teacher and her students making a difference in the world! Of course, I’m happy to help! #LoveWins.”

Of course, Mrs. Lonien also responded with a tweet that said simply, “This is incredible! Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts! #powerofsocialmedia #LoveWins #proudteacher.”

Thank YOU Mrs. Lonien’s class!