Carrie Underwood Told Hoda Kotb Her Favorite Place to Cry is Her Car, Even Though She Knows People Can Still See Her


There have been a lot of tears lately for Carrie Underwood– good and bad. Some pretty, some not. But, mostly, she’s on the mend from a freak accident that happened last November leaving her with 40 stitches in her face.

Though she’s been back in the spotlight regularly since releasing her single, “Cry Pretty” and performing at the 53rd Annual ACM Awards, Carrie sat down with Hoda Kotb on “Today” to discuss what it’s been like to be back on the grind full-time as a performer, mother, wife, designer, professional sports fan and “great daughter.”

Carrie shared that since releasing the new single, lots of people have shared with her where they like to cry. For Hoda, it’s the bathroom. For Carrie, “I feel like my car kind of is… I know people can still see you and people are probably like, ‘what’s this crazy lady doing.'”


Hoda also had the opportunity to work out with Carrie and her mom, Carole, where all three cried. But, not from the workout– from how sweet Carole is.


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