Fans Rush To Carrie Underwood’s Defense Following Innocent Social Media Comment

Carrie Underwood social media response with humor
Photo by OConnor-Arroyo /

Carrie Underwood fans know that their favorite singer-songwriter isn’t one to overreact, so when a comment from a social media follower came off as terse to some, Carrie handled it with her usual grace and abundant sense of humor.

On March 25, Carrie tweeted, “My 4-year-old just told me that something is ‘unreasonable.’ Where does he get this stuff?” Several fans replied with comments about grown-up words and expressions that their children used such as “actually,” “pardon me,” “Inappropriate,” however, when one radio personality joked, “I’d have been slapped if I was a four year old speaking to my parents like that,” the internet, as usual, lost their minds.

But not Carrie. She replied with a laugh: “Haha. It wasn’t an attitude thing…he just threw it into normal conversation.”

Of course, there were plenty of folks who wanted to make it an issue, accusing Jack of “trolling,” Carrie’s account.

“Internet troll?, ” Jack wrote. “What?!? I was goofing around with ⁦⁩ and she knew it. I said nothing about her son, it was about ME. This is hilarious and ridiculous. I am dying here. The world has lost its mind and sense of humor. I give up.”

But he took the attack in stride posting photos of himself with the country music superstar and plaques she has sent to him.

Fans and friends of both Carrie and Jack also stepped up to defend the dialogue between the pair, and while it all seems to have blown over now, it serves as a good reminder, which Dana Lundon points out in her tweet: “Lawd, everybody’s gotta pile on everything.”