Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban Perform Sexy, Rockin’ Duet on “American Idol”Finale

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During a 2-hour show that seemed to sprint to the finish and only flash most former “American Idol” contestants at us, Carrie Underwood got major billing with two full songs during the show, including a rockin’ duet with judge Keith Urban. (Kelly Clarkson also got a good bit of screen time and sang just about every single hit she’s ever had.)

Carrie and Keith went with “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” for the closing ceremonies and it was pretty dang good. If anything, it proved Keith is more than a worthy judge of talent and Carrie is a global superstar. Actually, these two had nothing to prove, everyone should’ve just been excited to have them together. And we were.

Mostly, it made us really excited for their duet on Keith’s upcoming album.

Part of me was hoping Simon Cowell was going to come out to critique Carrie and she could do this little move and say, “Oh, let me show you my seven GRAMMYs and here’s a playlist of my 23 No. 1 singles, see ya!”