A Few Reasons Why This Carrie Underwood/”Something in the Water” Lawsuit Seems Super Fishy


Ron McNeil and Georgia Lyons recently filed a lawsuit in federal court stating that, Carrie Underwood and her co-writers on “Something in the Water” stole the song from them.

Their lawsuit reads, “the hook on the infringing work, as released on the album, is structurally and lyrically identical, and substantially similar melodically to plaintiffs’ composition of the same title.”

The duo is also claiming they sent the song to Underwood, but “never heard back” and then she released the song.

Ummm…okay, now something’s fishy.

Carrie Underwood probably gets sent a song every 2 hours from songwriters. Lots of those songwriters probably “don’t hear back.” She’s Carrie Underwood.

You know what else is fishy? Ol’ Ron McNeil’s website. I know I work for the Internet and might have more knowledge on websites than a lot of people, but this is not the website of a hit songwriter.

Georgie’s website has a little more info, but is definitely lacking in font design.

The other fishy thing? There aren’t that many videos of them singing together out there. You can find dozens of videos of Hillary Lindsey, Brett James and Chris DeStefano singing. And they’re Underwood’s three biggest collaborators.

There are probably four videos on YouTube of these two and the best one is not good.

Also, there are a lot of “Something in the Water” songs out there. Prince had one!

Not to mention, I can’t find any trace of these two on any official songwriter or publisher sites.

Not even within the Songwriters Association of Canada’s database.

Oh yeah, at the time, DeStefano told CMT all about the songwriting session that produced the song.

Underwood, through her publicist has said of the lawsuit, “We are aware that a lawsuit was filed regarding the authorship of ‘Something in the Water.’ We want all of Carrie’s fans, and everyone, to know that ‘Something in the Water’ was written by Brett James, Chris DeStefano and Carrie Underwood. This is a deeply personal song regarding Carrie’s faith and she is saddened that anyone would attempt to challenge that for financial gain. Neither Carrie nor any of her co-writers ever received or heard the plaintiffs’ song. We fully expect that Carrie, Brett and Chris will be vindicated in the courts.”

She’s saddened and we’re super annoyed for her. These two better play their song for everyone. And fast.