[Watch] Carrie Underwood Makes the Television Debut of New Single “Love Wins”


Carrie Underwood stopped by “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on Thursday evening (Sept. 13), ahead of the release of her sixth studio album Cry Pretty. During her visit, the singer sat down with the late night host for an interview as well as played a game of “Name That Song” before performing her new single “Love Wins” live from Central Park.

During her chat with Jimmy, Carrie revealed that she’s feeling better after having to cancel two shows in the U.K. due to a viral infection.

“I don’t cancel shows. I will drag myself onto the stage and perform if I have the flu,” she tells Jimmy. “In the U.K., we had to cancel a couple shows. Basically I got a viral thing and I woke up and I had vertigo and I could not stand up. I wound up in a German hospital for three days.”

The singer said during her downtime she tried her best to learn German but could only recite one phrase: “no meat please.” The conversation then went to her three-year-old son and whether he’ll follow in his mother’s musical footsteps.

“If he is not musically inclined that is fine. I’m excited to find out what he loves and is passionate about and is good at and I will support that but I really want him to sing,” she admits.


In between singing the theme song to “Duck Tales” with Jimmy, Carrie also discussed co-producing her new album with David Garcia.

“It was really cool to take on that role,” she admits. “It’s really exciting because you get to get in there and you’re there for every step of the way and making the creative decisions and hoping that you have some decent, real creative sensibilities.”

Watch Carrie as she performs “Love Wins” for a packed audience live in New York’s Central Park. The singer is currently make the media rounds for her new album but due to hurricane coverage her appearance on “Today” earlier this morning was canceled.