[Watch] Carrie Underwood and Ludacris Deliver 1-2 Punch with a Stirring Performance of “The Champion”

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Carrie Underwood performing any one of her many hits is a treat, but throw in rapper Ludacris and you can’t help be but tap a toe or two.

The unlikely duo took to the stage at the Radio Disney Music Awards in Hollywood to perform their latest rocking collaboration, “The Champion.” The upbeat anthem was written as the opening theme for NBC’s  broadcast of Super Bowl LII and used during the 2018 Winter Olympics.  

The lyrics deal with overcoming obstacles and believing that you can conquer what stands in your way. 

“I am invincible, unbreakable / Unstoppable, unshakeable / They knock me down, I get up again / I am the champion / You’re gonna know my name / You can’t hurt me now / I can’t feel the pain / I was made for this, yeah, I was born to win / I am the champion,” Carrie sings in the chorus.

Decked out in black and white, with the only splash of color coming from Carrie and Ludacris’ jackets, the two entertainers were joined by the West Los Angeles Children’s choir, adding an additional spark to an already hot performance.

Following the performance, Carrie was honored with the Radio Disney Hero Award, given to artists for their charitable work.