Fans Are Convinced FOX’s First “Masked Singer” is Carrie Underwood [Watch]


Over the holidays, while you were probably spending time with family and trying your best to unplug a bit, you might have just missed the television phenomenon, an all-new singing competition known as The Masked Singer.

Currently airing on FOX, the show features big-time music artists dressed up as, yes, animals, as they perform and attempt to disguise their voices. From a Deer to a Monster to a Unicorn to a Peacock, these animals strut their stuff and perform as viewers and judges try their best who is under the costume.

Each week, an artist will be eliminated and, at that time, they reveal their true identity. Yet thus far, it’s the lion that seems to be causing the most ruckus, with fans of the new series seemingly convinced that it’s Carrie Underwood!

Some viewers say that the voice that was featured during the recent performance of “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody” by Fergie seems to match the country music singer’s, while others are convinced that its Underwood because she is wearing a costume designed by someone she has worked with many times in the past.

But still, could it be Carrie?

The show is adding to the speculation by putting out a video with clues that just might show who the masked singer is.

As most of you know, Underwood is about to have her second child any minute. However, the show is said to have been recorded last summer. So we need to know – what do you think?