Carrie Underwood and Hubby Mike Fisher Make Working Out a Family Affair on Tour

Carrie Underwood and hubby Mike Fisher working out in mobile gym in family affair
Photo by Tammy Arroyo/; Workout photo courtesy Carrie Underwood Instagram

We often read about the things that country stars do and take on their tours to make them feel more cozy. From full-size mattresses in the artist’s lounge to home-cooked meals to essential oils and family photos, they often travel with all of the comforts of home. Carrie Underwood’s idea of the “comforts of home” might be a little different than others, though.

For the Cry Pretty Tour 360, Carrie is traveling with a pretty nice mobile gym.

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In a photo on her Instagram page, Carrie gives us a peek at her work-out facilities on the road. Equipped with free weights, a treadmill, and an elliptical machine, Carrie and husband Mike Fisher put those weights to good use. Honestly, though, it’s hard to pay much attention to the gear when you have Carrie in the foreground with every muscle flexed.

Her work-out buddy is looking pretty fit, too. Even though he’s retired, it’s obvious that Mike is staying in great shape.

Carrie has spoken to the media and on her socials about the fact that her body hasn’t snapped back into shape after her second son’s birth. But she also said that, while she was still working to gain a fitness level that she has established for herself, she is being kinder to her body as it works its way back to its old self.

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Of course, we don’t have any insight into what her goals are, but we think she looks pretty good. And, if you’ve seen one of the shows on her tour this year, you know she has certainly built up her stamina.

Kudos to Carrie for being kind to her body and for her commitment to her health.