Carrie Underwood Reveals Mommy Duty Can Be Hard and Hilarious

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Carrie Underwood mom duties lead to hilarious tweets
Photo by Tammie Arroyo/

It’s been a rough couple of days for Carrie Underwood. While we feel that she has already proven that she’s a capable and loving mother to her two sons, Isaiah and Jacob, it’s always fun when she shares a little comic insight into the more challenging days in their lives. And if she hadn’t earned it before, it sounds like the weekend gave Carrie some legit street cred in the mom department.

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It started with Carrie giving husband Mike Fisher a big shout-out on Twitter. “I wanna publicly thank the hubs for taking the kiddos and letting this tired mama sleep a couple extra hours this morning. If any of you fellas out there could do this every once-in-a-while for your ladies, lemme tell you, it makes all the difference in the world,” she tweeted.

It’s a good thing she had a relaxing Saturday because things got a little stinky on Sunday. In another post, Carrie wrote, “Thanks to the nice lady who offered to buy me a drink at lunch today after I carried my naked, poo covered, screaming baby up the stairs and back to my table. It was a rookie mistake leaving the diaper bag at the table and only taking a diaper and 2 wipes. Never again.”

The day wasn’t without levity though. Isaiah has apparently learned that Mom has a whole name, but his version of it only sounds somewhat like a playground gibe. Carrie tweeted, “My own kid just called me ‘Carefree Underwear.’ This is basically elementary school all over again.”

Fortunately, Carrie had a comrade to commiserate with. Colton Underwood of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette franchise spotted the singer’s tweet and replied, “Try ‘Cotton Underwear’ – elementary school was a rough time for me.”

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“Glad to know I’m not in this alone,” Carrie replied.

Even superstars aren’t exempt from good-natured teasing.