Carrie Underwood Responds To Internet Hater on Twitter

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Carrie Underwood twitter snap back
Photo by Tammie Arroyo/

Depending on how you look at it, social media can be used for good or bad. Telling people you dislike what they do, not the greatest use of the media. However, when Carrie Underwood saw a Tweet that disparaged her work on “Sunday Night Football,” she chose to use the moment for good.

After Jessica Smetna took to Twitter to voice her displeasure for Carrie Underwood’s “Sunday Night Football” anthem, Carrie took the moment to respond with positivity.

Jessica wrote, “I love that NBC has been reading everyone’s Collinsworth slide tweets because it means they’ve also been reading all the tweets about how much we hate the new Carrie Underwood song.”

Jessica’s referring to the fact that Chris Collinsworth, commentator for “Sunday Night Football,” and NBC heard all the jokes on Twitter about Chris always sliding into his TV shot from the right. So he surprised fans on Sunday night but sliding in from the left.

So since Chris and NBC heard people talking about that, Jessica was hoping Carrie and NBC would hear that she hate’s Carrie’s song. Well, Carrie did in fact hear it after seeing the post, and responded.

The reigning CMA Vocalist of the Year took it upon herself to speak about her love of building other women up.

“Hey, I know my music isn’t for everyone, but I love what I do and I love being a part of ! I am one lucky lady! I also love women who build other women up…just saying…👍,” she wrote.

Well said, Carrie. The Oklahoma native then followed that Tweet up with a positive message to all.

“Today, let’s be positive. Let’s be NICE to each other. Let’s do something nice FOR someone else. Smile at a stranger. It’s the start of a new week! Today is precious! Don’t waste it! Sending love and cheer to you all!!!,” Carrie said.

Just another reason to love Carrie Underwood. #Lovewins!