Carrie Underwood Releases Edgy New Single, “Drinking Alone” [Listen]

Carrie Underwood new single Drinking Alone from Cry Pretty
Photo by Tammie Arroyo / AFF-USA.COM

If Carrie Underwood has proven anything in her 14-year career it’s that she can’t be put in a box. She hasn’t publicly declared that as a mission or pounded her chest screaming “don’t fence me in,” but a look at her catalog of singles reflects both incredible diversity, astounding success and fearless pursuit of her artistry. With her newest single, “Drinking Alone,” we get another sample of the ridiculously talented singer pushing the envelope again.

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“Drinking Alone” is the fourth single from Carrie’s current collection, Cry Pretty, and follows up her recent fun-loving, summer chart-topper, “Southbound.” Co-written by Carrie, David Garcia and Brett James, the tune has a sultry, smokey groove that implies that the couple in the song may be about to embark on a late-night, alcohol-infused tryst.

However, a close listen to the lyrics suggests otherwise. Each of the members of this couple is nursing their own broken heart with an adult beverage and, in a sort of “misery loves company” moment, they decide to drown their sorrows together. But Carrie makes it clear from the start, that this is no hook-up.

Let me make one thing clear / You can buy me a beer, but you ain’t taking me home / No pickup lines, I came here tonight to shed a few tears on my own / But sitting there across the room / I couldn’t help but notice you seemed a little down on your love too / Yeah, my heart might be breaking / But, this seat ain’t takin’/ And you’ve got me thinkin’ / We should be drinkin’ alone together.”

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Since early in her career, Carrie has made it clear that she is a storyteller, which explains how the gifted artist who can shake souls with songs like “Jesus Take the Wheel” and “Something in the Water” can also audibly seduce with a tune like “Drinking Alone.”