Carrie Underwood’s Son Isaiah Has His First Crush And Carrie Has a Warning for Her

Carrie Underwood son Isaiah has first crush on Maddie & Tae
Photo by Tammie Arroyo /

When Carrie Underwood announced that she was having the line-up for her Cry Pretty Tour 360, we all applauded her ability to recognize some of the hottest talents in country music, male or female. Now, we are wondering if she should have given the all-female ticket a bit more consideration…

…because Isaiah has his first crush. And it’s on support act Maddie & Tae’s Maddie Marlow.

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Carrie broke the news on Twitter saying, “This morning my 4-year-old, who hates wearing jeans, asked to wear jeans so he could ‘look cute for Maddie.’ He also asked me to fix his hair and to get him some flowers that he could give to her. Don’t you break his heart Maddie Marlow!!!”

Obviously, the age gap doesn’t bother Isaiah. He’s four and Maddie is 23. But the other thing that Isaiah may not have considered is that Maddie is engaged. Seriously, this is the most precious thing in the world. At the tour stop in Birmingham, Alabama, Carrie told journalists that Isaiah is usually too tuckered out to make it all the way through her set, but he has likely seen at least parts of Runaway June and Maddie & Tae.

All the heart eyes.

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What might stand out most about Isaiah’s request, though, is that even at such a young age, he has learned how important it is to be a gentleman and treat a young woman like a lady. He’s dressing up, taking care of his appearance, and even buying her flowers. And that isn’t just precious, that’s impressive. He’s paying attention to his mom and dad.