Carrie Underwood Singing “The Champion” as Hearing Impaired Little Girl Signs Is What We Needed to See Today


One of the highlights of the night on Carrie Underwood’s Cry Pretty Tour 360 is the moment that a surprise guest, a fan of Carrie’s, joins the country music superstar on stage to perform her hit single, “The Champion.”

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So far, the guests have come from all walks of life, all levels of talent and ability, but she had one of her youngest guests during her tour stop in Washington, D.C. However, age wasn’t the only thing that made young Savannah Dahan stand out. She is also hearing impaired.

According to Good Morning America, Savannah was born deaf, as are her parents and siblings. Carrie is her favorite singer because “her expressions are clear.”

Savannah’s expressions are clear as well. Backstage at the show, she and Carrie did a demonstration of the pair performing together and the third-grader doesn’t just sign with her hands, she reinforces the intensity of the song with her entire body.

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Carrie can’t take her eyes off of Savannah’s melodic gestures and her smile widens as the youngster boldly and confidently rolls into the chorus with more enthusiasm than an entire cheerleading squad.

When they finish, Savannah offers a bashful shrug of her shoulders while Carrie applauds and it appears that maybe someone has been bitten by the performance bug.