Carrie Underwood’s Releasing a New Song, “The Champion” for the Super Bowl and We’re Here For It

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While Carrie Underwood has been lying low, healing from a nasty fall she took back in November, where she suffered a broken wrist and 40-50 stitches in her face, a new song of hers has been shared during halftime of the NFL wild-card game between the Atlanta Falcons and Los Angeles Rams on Jan. 6

The new song called, “The Champion,” written by Carrie specifically for Super Bowl LII (52 for those not familiar with Roman numerals), will be shared, in full, before the big game, when it airs on Feb. 4. Fans were able to hear a snippet of the song during halftime but are eager to hear more for the country superstar.

You can make out some of the lyrics in the clip shared by “Sunday Night Football.” “I’ve been working my whole life / And now it’s do or die / I am invincible, unbreakable, unstoppable, unshakeable / They knock me down, I get up again,” sings Carrie.

“Sunday Night Football” gave fans a heads up that the song would be coming, and to stay tuned. “Tune in tonight and you might hear a little something new from @CarrieUnderwood #ATLvsLAR #SBLII,” they posted.

Carrie re-posted “Sunday Night Football’s” post of the clip with two little words, “#SBLII #TheChampion. ”

We can’t wait to hear the full song.