Carrie Underwood Surprises 2019 ACM New Artist Winners With a Phone Call [Watch]

Carrie Underwood calls early ACM Winners
Photo by Tammie Arroyo/

If your phone rang and Carrie Underwood was on the line, you’d probably be pretty surprised, right? Well, even some of Carrie’s fellow country artists got a big surprise when they answered their phones to find the superstar saying hello. But the surprise didn’t stop there for Ashley McBryde, Luke Combs, and Lanco.

Carrie spent much of the morning of March 25 reaching out to these talented newcomers to share the news that they had each already won the ACM Award in their specific new artist category.

It’s hard to say who was the most surprised or excited, but Carrie did have to confirm that she was not kidding when she called Ashley to tell the singer-songwriter that she was the ACM’s New Female Vocalist. Ashley, who appeared to be taking a walk by the barn, burst into a giggle fit, then tossed her drink into the air.

Luke seemed pretty calm and cool when answered the phone, but when he heard the voice say, “Hey, this is Carrie Underwood,” he took a step back and looked at his phone before excitedly greeting the star. After he heard Carrie say that he was going to the ACMs as a winner, his excitement couldn’t be contained. He admitted that he wasn’t expecting the news, but also told Carrie that she caught him mid-Toaster Strudel.

Now, trying to get all the members of a country band together is much like herding kittens, and even as Carrie’s call to Lanco started, it was obvious there was something else going on, but as soon as she said who she was, she had the fella’s attention. After announcing that they had won the ACM New Group of the Year, the band erupted in whoops and hollers—the exact response you would hope for.

The 54th ACM Awards broadcast live from Las Vegas, April 7 on CBS. Tune in to see who wins
best overall new artist.