Carrie Underwood’s Birthday Cake is Terrifying (and the Envy of Every ‘Walking Dead’ Fan)

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Carrie Underwood is celebrating her 34th birthday with this super awesome “Walking Dead” cake. This awesome dessert was created by Carrie’s bestie (and Nashville baker) Ivey Childers, who owns Ivey Cakes.

And it’s terrifying!

One side of this cake implies that inside the cake there are zombies, or Walkers as they say on the show.

“Just look at the flowers,” which appears on the opposite side is probably one of the saddest things that has ever been said on the show. It’s from the time when Carol had to kill Lizzie because, well, she was a crazy murderer child.

And, of course, it’s topped with Lucille, the weapon of choice of the series current baddie, Negan.

Just on Lucille’s first appearance, she killed two of the show’s beloved regulars. (If you haven’t seen it, dude this is graphic:)