This Woman Won a Workout with Carrie Underwood and Lived to Tell About It


I’m one of those people who workouts to avoid buying bigger jeans. I know there are benefits to it and yes, I always feel better throughout the day when I start at the gym, but I’m not interested in going on a vacation where you go on hikes or do yoga multiple times a day. Carrie Underwood probably is one of those people. From what I hear, anyway.

San Diego radio station KSON recently gave away a trip to San Antonio, where the prize was not a tour of the Alamo or a truckload of tacos, but a workout session with Carrie.

Even in an alternate universe, where I don’t love donuts more than running, I wouldn’t consider a workout a prize. Even though I love Carrie in this universe and the alternate one, I don’t want to workout with her!

Leslie did though and she said the experience was, “so great.”

Leslie also told us this about a workout with Carrie:

  • “She pulled up in an old beater white truck. She gives me this big hug. And we just started talking like we’d been friends forever.”
  • “I wasn’t intimidated, there was no judgement.”
  • “She was singing Van Halen.”
  • “She’s tiny and she’s beautiful and she’s perfect.”
  • “I was sweating to death, this girl was glistening.”
  • “She can plank for like, a half-an-hour.”
  • “Push-ups like crazy, jump squats and Russian twists, oh my gosh!”
This sounds like the worst couple of hours of my life, but you could just hear Leslie smiling through the phone talking about it.
Also, why did Carrie pull up in a “beater white truck” and was Van Halen playing in the truck or just during the workout?