Carrie Underwood’s Workouts Keep Getting Interrupted


Carrie Underwood has had one of the most played, streamed and downloaded songs in the country for almost a month now with “The Champion,” but she’s doing it all out of the spotlight. After taking a bad fall outside of her home last November, Carrie hasn’t been making any public appearances, but she is making sure she keeps up with one of her favorite things– time in the gym. Even if that time is continuously interrupted.

Carrie recently shared two photos on Instagram of the two men in her life, who love being around her so much they also head to the gym to get their workout on. Son Isaiah has already perfected his squats and husband Mike Fisher has to get back into playing shape, right?

Carrie captioned the photo, “My boys make work outs fun (and a bit less productive, but that’s ok)!”

Carrie’s trainer, Erin Oprea also weighed in on the training session saying, “Families who train together stay together?!!!! Always fun when this little man joins my workouts with @carrieunderwood!!! So many of my clients kids join us for our Party, I think it’s Awesome to teach them young that staying fit is an important part of life!!!”