Cassadee Pope Talks About Her Return To “The Voice” as an Advisor for Team Kelly

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It’s been six years since Cassadee Pope won the crown on the third season of “The Voice.” Now, the “Wasting All These Tears” singer is returning to the show as an advisor for Team Kelly.

Cassadee was more than excited to go back to the place that started it all. But does Kelly Clarkson really need the help? The 28-year-old wasn’t sure she was needed.

“Do you need me? You’re Kelly,” she told One Country. “It was so cool. I got to spend a day with Kelly Clarkson hearing her give some of the best advice I’ve ever heard her give. You’ll see some of the stuff she told her artists to do. I even learned, just being on the show with her.”

The Florida native makes her return helping out contestants as they head to Knockout Round. While coaches invite mentors every season, this current season had the coaches picking former “The Voice” winners. And it’s a good thing they did because Cassadee was able share her own experience with the contestants.

“I kind of brought to the table, the aspect of, ‘I was literally in your shoes. I was on this stage. I was on this show.’ I got to talk a little bit more about the nerves and how you have to keep them in check, she revealed. “Whenever you’re in front of the camera you have to show your personality. Yes it’s about “The Voice” and people are voting for you based on that, but they also get to know you and your story. So whenever you get the chance, show who you are. It was a really amazing experience. It’s always good to go back. ”

You can check out Cassadee playing advisors on “The Voice” when it airs Tuesday night (April 3) at 7 p.m. CT on NBC.

In the meantime, One Country’s Kelly Sutton sat down with Cassadee to get some insight into her return to “The Voice” and how she’s changed since winning the show.