Charlie Daniels Fans Have Close Call With Danger at Fan Club Party


One of the favorite activities for country music fans during CMA Music Fest is attending the fan
club parties hosted by their favorite stars. However, the highly anticipated annual event hosted
by the legendary Charlie Daniels had a frightening disruption.

According to Nashville’s NBC affiliate, WSMV, a manhunt took place after Thomas Earl Adams
allegedly shot his wife, Jessica, in their Wilson County home. Mt. Juliet, which is in Wilson
County, is where Charlie’s fan club party takes place.

Apparently, during their search for Adams, the Wilson County Sheriffs office put Charlie’s event
on lockdown for safety purposes and some fans, who had temporarily left the building, were
unable to return to the festivities.

Charlie posted a tweet apologizing to those fans, but also recognized the gravity of the situation.
“We had a situation at the fan club get together today,” he wrote. “The Mt. Juliet police were
looking for someone who shot his wife and was on the loose and had to lock our building down.
We apologize to any of our fans who got out and couldn’t get back in. The police caught the

Fortunately, the party was able to proceed while officials continued their search for the shooter.

While Charlie mentioned that law enforcement officials had apprehended the shooter, WSMV
also reports that Adams did, in fact, die from a self-inflicted gun wound after attempting to
negotiate with police officers.

Multiple safety measures have been put in place to ensure that the great country fans attending
CMA Music Fest events are safe, including enforcing the clear bag policy implemented by the
NFL during football season.