Charlie Daniels Wants Taco Bell to Take the Illuminati Seriously (Yes, This Is A Real Headline)


Charlie Daniels is a man of big ideas and strong opinions. Some of those big ideas just happen to be conspiracy theories. So when the “Devil Went Down To Georgia” singer saw the Illuminati-themed commercials Taco Bell aired during the National Championship he not only found them distasteful but, like the Taco Bell “ground beef”, hard to swallow.

Daniels has laid out his beliefs concerning a shadowy organization seeking to control the world by creating chaos. Of course, like all conspiracy theories, none of it is objective or supported by anything beyond personal feelings and confirmation bias, but I digress.

When Taco Bell ran this ad suggesting the Illuminati helps them keep their prices low, Daniels bristled.

However, he quickly dropped the subject and went back to the football game.