Charlie Daniels’ Widow Receives Condolences From President Trump— “He Inspired Many Americans”

Charlie Daniels wife Hazel receives condlences from President Trump
Photo by Tammie Arroyo/

If you wonder how far the passing of country music legend Charlie Daniels reaches, Charlie’s widow, Hazel, received official condolences from President Donald Trump.

A beautifully penned letter from the White House was shared on Charlie’s social media pages and in it, he was remembered as both a patriot and a musical icon.

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“Charlie will forever be remembered as a true American patriot, and his contributions to country music will be celebrated for generations. He inspired many Americans with his unyielding support of our brave men and women in uniform. Your husband reminded us that we must honor those who have sacrificed so much to defend our freedoms. Our great Nation depends on artists like Charlie who promote love of country. He will be greatly missed.”

It concluded, “During this difficult time, the First Lady and I send our prayers to you, your family, and all who loved Charlie. May his music continue to reverberate in the hearts of countless Americans.”

Hazel and son Charlie Junior replied with their gratitude in the comments. “Mr. President, we are honored that you would think of us in our time of grieving,” they write.

Charlie Daniels unexpectedly passed away in Nashville on July 6th from a hemorrhagic stroke. In his career, he not only made an enormous contribution to the world of music, he also appeared in numerous television shows and movies, usually as himself, including the John Travolta classic, Urban Cowboy.

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Since his father’s unexpected death on July 6th, Charlie Junior has shared his own personal memories of Charlie Senior’s last few hours and the way he was honored as his body was transported from the hospital to the funeral home.

Our hearts remain with the Daniels family as they make the transition to life without their beloved Charlie.