Charlie Worsham Singing Hall & Oates “Rich Girl” is a Dream

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In 1977 Hall & Oates took “Rich Girl” to the top of the Billboard Top 40 chart. It was their first No. 1 single and was rumored to be about Patty Hearst, but is actually about a boy who used to date one of Daryl Hall’s girlfriends.

During a recent appearance on the Bobby Bones Show, Charlie Worsham put his own spin on the pop classic and I’m now listening to it on repeat all day.

Worsham is preparing to release Beginning of Things on April 21 and he says, ” I had fallen out of love with music, and making this record put me back in love with it on a level I hadn’t felt since I was a teenager. Beginning Of Things was a challenge in surrendering control and trusting my own talent. I’m confident that these songs and these recordings capture my musical geography and personal truth, and at the end of the day, I’m convinced that is the ultimate purpose of an artist—to speak one’s truth.”