Chase Bryant Admits To Learning a Hard Lesson About Success


After scoring two Top 10 hits at the start of his career, Chase Bryant is learning a lesson about success.

In 2014 Chase released his first single “Take It On Back,” to much praise and a Top 9 hit. His second single, “Little Bit Of You,” reached No. 4 on the Billboard charts making Chase believe he was on the road to stardom. But soon after Chase’s star began to burn out. His following two singles, “Room To Breathe” and “Hell If I Know,” didn’t even break the Top 40.

That was a rude awakening for the country singer from Orange Grove, Texas, whose ties to the music business go deep. Chase is the grandson of Jimmy Bryant, who performed with Roy Orbison, and the nephew of Jeff and Junior Bryant, co-founders of the group Ricochet.

Chase took to Instagram to share his thoughts on the whole process and how he is dealing with the changes to his career.

“I was always misunderstood, somewhat ridiculed by those who thought I never had a chance at much of anything. In my early 20’s I had witnessed my first Top 10 single followed by a Top 5. By no means had I shattered records by a landslide, changed the world, or even changed as much as the street I was living on. In my head I thought I did. I though I had done something that was never supposed to happen to a guy like me. I let it all go to my head like I swore I never would. It go the absolute best of me, and I toted my charisma like I was some sort of superhero. I was more thankful of the things that happened to me. More than you could ever know, but the humbling experience is what I let surpass me.”

Chase went on to talk about his dreams, spending time in the studio and the new music he’s excited for fans to hear. He also admits that the can’t do any of this alone. “I’m different and so are you. That’s what makes us special in our own little ways!”

The 24-year-old recently became engaged to girlfriend Kourtney Keller. Seems like she’s been a good influence on the “Take It On Back” singer. Apparently Chase has done some growing up these past couple of years.