Chase Bryant Talks First Kiss, Butt Grabs and Terrible Dates

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After an interview with Celeb Secrets Country, the Huffington Post dubbed Chase Bryant their new #ManCrushEveryday. We were happy to see HuffPo catching up with us, but also wondered what was so saucy about this interview Chase gave. Turns out– a lot.

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Yeah, Chase talked about music and influences and the troops, but he also shared the story of his first kiss, what his ideal date looks like, what a terrible date looks like and yes, he talked butt grabs.

First Kiss
Chase found an 8th grade cheerleader. Smooth.

“First kiss…I was in 6th grade. I kissed a girl who was an 8th grade cheerleader — she was two years older than me — I mean look at that…cougar. I think it was after lunch in the gym and it happened under the bleachers if I recall correctly. It was okay I guess. What was it supposed to be? I was in 6th grade.”

Worst Date
This chick didn’t like Vince Gill. She sounds awful.

“Oh man. You know, going on a date when the girl is literally interested in nothing. I took a girl on a date one time, went to dinner in a great restaurant too, and she hated it. She couldn’t stand dinner. She wanted like fast food type food. And then took her to watch a band, she didn’t like that kind of music. It was Vince Gill and The Time Jumpers and so that was the end of it for me. We’re done, we can’t do this. I remember politely saying like look we aren’t hitting it off on anything, but I still asked if she wanted to go grab a drink and she said no. So I took her to her car and that was it. It was horrible and terrible. That was the worst one.”

Butt Grabs
If you’re going to grab a butt, at least ask first.

“The one’s that try to grab your butt and stuff all the time. I’m a shy guy when it comes to girls, so I don’t really know how to handle it. You’re like in the line and everything is going good and you’re all pumped and then this girl kind of walks up and grabs your butt and asks if you’re going to go out after this and asks for your number and you’re kind of like hmmm no. I’m not going to give you my phone number and I also don’t want you grabbing my butt. That’s always weird, but it’s kind of funny at the same time. I don’t know why I’m such a shy guy when it comes to girls, so it’s strange.”

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