Chase Rice Was Ambushed by ‘The Bachelor’ Producers and He’s Not Happy— “I Was Really Pissed Off”

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Chase Rice not happy with The Bachelor appearance with ex Victoria F
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It’s a big question for TV addicts: Exactly how much reality is in reality television? When it comes to an episode of The Bachelor that welcomed guest performer Chase Rice, it was perhaps a little too real. And he’s not happy about it.

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Chase was featured on the January 27 episode of the hit reality show and, much like other musicians, including Dolly Parton and Clay Walker, he was excited for the opportunity to promote his career and new music. However, it turned out that the date he was performing for was between bachelor Peter Weber and Victoria Fuller — a girl Chase once dated.

According to E! News, the singer-songwriter appeared on radio show Fitz in the Morning where he told the show’s host that he was “really pissed off” after doing the show. He went on to say, “They’ve never brought somebody in and surprised the guest on the show. To do that to me, it’s over the top; it’s unnecessary. I didn’t expect it. But at the end of the day, it happened. I don’t know if it’s the producers, or if they just got lucky as hell. I know what I think but I’ll let everybody else figure out what they think. I was pissed. I was really pissed off, to be honest.”

During the show’s broadcast, Victoria said, “We turn the corner; I see Chase, my ex-boyfriend. Nothing could be worse. I’m freaking out right now.”

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Unfortunately for producers of The Bachelor, their smorgasbord of single men has decreased by one now as Chase says he would never do the show. “If there’s anything I’ve ever wanted, it’s to have nothing to do with the drama of that show,” he says.