Chase Rice Shared How Losing His Dad at an Early Age Shaped His Music

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Chase Rice is in a different place than when he was listed as a co-writer on the Florida Georgia Line smash, “Cruise.” Before he was even a songwriter, Rice had dreams of playing in the NFL, but an ankle injury suffered during his junior year at the University of North Carolina held him back. While he was injured, he started playing the guitar more, which prepared him for the worst phone call of his life– his dad had died.

Rice shared with CBS “This Morning,” “The way she said my name I knew something was wrong. And then she said, ‘Come home, dad died.’ And I was just like ‘Wait, what?’ He had a heart attack.Probably a month later, I wrote my first song. It was about my dad, kinda my way to get it out.”

After college, Rice worked on a NASCAR pit crew before being cast on “Survivor,” where he came in second and won $100,00. It was that money that led him to move to Nashville, where he eventually caught up with his childhood friend, Brian Kelley of FGL.

The rest, as they say, is history. Minus the fact that somewhere in there, Rice released an album, left a record label and has now released a new album and it’s one he’s always wanted to make, “I decided I wanted to step away from that for a little bit. I wanna, I wanna sing about lions. That’s not country. That’s not rock. I don’t even know what it is.”