Chely Wright Reveals She Suffered a Stroke at 48

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Chely Wright reveals stroke diagnosis
Courtesy Shock Ink

Known for sharing stories through hit songs such as  “Single White Female,” “It Was” and “Shut Up and Drive,” country singer Chely Wright is sharing a different story about her health.

The Kansas native is sharing the news that she suffered a stroke. What she thought was a migraine headache that lasted for days, turned into something more devastating.  In a Facebook post, Chely shared the news that happened a year ago.

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“SOME PERSONAL NEWS I’M SHARING FOR THE FIRST TIME: Exactly one year ago today, I went to the ER at Lenox Hill Hospital because I was on Day 3 of a migraine, which isn’t uncommon for me,” Chely wrote in her post. “Because I had shows booked for the coming weekend, I wanted to get this headache out of the way. Lauren and I dropped the boys at school and headed to the ER. The doctor I saw— whom I’d seen before— was troubled by some the symptoms of that day’s headache. After a series of diagnostic tests, I was informed that I’d had a stroke. A stroke. I’d just turned 48.”

While Chely had suffered migraines before, she knew something was different about this one and that she may have indeed suffered a stroke..

“I sort of knew it,” she continued. “What I had been experiencing with that headache and leading up to that headache was different. I’d even said aloud to myself in the bathroom mirror, “Did you have a stroke?” It’s been a long year, but I am okay.”

The 49-year-old singer is sharing her story to bring awareness to others and bring to light the symptoms of a stroke. recommends using the acronym FAST to detect symptoms of a stroke.

Face: Smile and see if one side of the face droops.

Arms: Raise both arms. Does one arm drop down?

Speech: Say a short phrase and check for slurred or strange speech.

Time: If the answer to any of these is yes, call 911 right away and write down the time when symptoms started.

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“The reason I’m sharing this is so you all might take a moment to refresh your understanding of stroke and the symptoms of stroke,” Chely concluded. Pay attention to your body and encourage your loved ones to do the same. Again, I am okay and very grateful to have access to quality medical care. As we all know, not everyone in America has that luxury. We have to fix that.”

Get well Chely!