“Property Brothers'” Drew Scott Says He’ll Name His First Born Chip-oanna If Chip and Joanna Name Baby No. 5 After Him


Chip and Joanna Gaines are expecting their fifth child, a boy, and fans are on pins and needles waiting for updates and news on the bundle of joy— including “Property Brothers” stars Drew and Jonathan Scott

In an interview with People, Drew and Jonathan shared some name suggestions for baby no. 5

“It’s gotta be Drew,” Drew said— and since Chip and Joanna’s two boys have “D” names, this suggestion is not too far-fetched. 

Jonathan then added the suggestion “Donathan,” saying that’s what Drew would call him when they were babies. Maybe not so realistic. 

Drew then offered up a big proposition for the Gaines duo: “Tell them I’ll name my child Chip-oanna if they name their’s Drew.”

Think Chip and Jo will take him on the deal? Chip-oanna Scott rolls right off the tongue.