EXCLUSIVE: Chris Bandi Heats Things Up With Glowing Acoustic Performance of “What If We Don’t” [Watch]

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Chris Bandi Backyard sessions exclusive
Photo courtesy Monarch Publicity

With the release of his self-titled EP on May 29, newcomer Chris Bandi is sharing an exclusive look at an acoustic The Backyard Sessions performance of “What If We Don’t,” included on his EP, with One Country readers.

Written by Bandi, Jason Massey and Kylie Sackly, “What If We Don’t,” tells the story of a couple that slips away from the usual night out to spend some time alone together.

What if we don’t / what if we jump in a truck and find us a no name road / throw it in park in the dark / make a Carhartt jacket your pillow / maybe lay low / kissing  /real slow / you know I love seeing you in the neon glow just say the word and baby we’ll go / what if we don’t,” he sings in the chorus.

“I had this idea about a normal Friday or Saturday night going out with your friends and hanging out at the bars downtown, just doing something that you’re used to doing, Chris tells One Country. “I thought of the saying, ‘let’s don’t and say that we did,’ and so I brought this title in. It’s a fun song about sneaking away for the night and just doing your own thing.”

Chris’ self-titled EP contains seven tracks, four of which are written by Chris. His debut single “Man Enough Now” has garnered over 80 Million global audio and video streams

“It feels incredible to be able to put out my debut EP,” says Chris. “I’ve been saying since I moved to Nashville that we were going to have something out and to be able to do that and have songs that I feel so passionate about is a feeling that I can’t even really describe.  I am so excited…so pumped…and I cannot wait for ya’ll to hear it.”

Check out Chris’ acoustic version of “What If We Don’t” below.

Chris Bandi EP Track Listing:

1. “Dirt On Me” (Matt Jenkins, Michael Hardy, and Smith Anhquist)
2. “Leave It To A Song” (Zach Kale, Matt Rogers, and Jordan Fletcher)
3. “Would Have Loved Her” (Chris Bandi and Zach Kale)
4. “Free” (Allison Veltz Cruz, Zach Kale, and Connie Harrington)
5. “They Make Whiskey” (Chris Bandi, Billy Montana, and Dave Turnbull)
6. “What If We Don’t” (Chris Bandi, Jason Massey and Kylie Sackley)
7. “Man Enough Now” (Chris Bandi, Jason Allen Duke and Jason Massey)

Chris Bandi self titled EP cover