Chris Janson Is One Of The Most Humble Guys In Country Music

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One of the more ironic things in life is how quickly we become bored when we finally get what we want. In the music industry, those who once struggled to get noticed can quickly become tired of stadium shows once they hit it big. It’s why guys like Chris Janson are so refreshing. He isn’t always looking at the next step but feels blessed to be where he is right now, seeing every show, no matter the venue, as a bucket list achievement.

Janson just played Red Rocks and is ending his current tour at The Ryman, two of the most storied musical venues in the country. But he doesn’t consider those nights as greater than the other nights of his tour.

“Every time I get on stage it’s a bucket list [night] for me because it’s really all I ever wanted to do,” he said. “People know more than just a couple songs, they know a lot of songs in the set. I’m really grateful for that.”