Chris Janson Becomes Newest Member of The Grand Ole Opry

Chris Janson on Opry stage with Garth Brooks for Induction
Photo by Chris Hollo/Hollo Photographics

Chris Janson became the newest and youngest member of the Grand Ole Opry Tuesday night (March 20), when he was inducted into the hallowed institution by none other than Garth Brooks.

The country superstar surprised Chris when he stepped on the stage to do the honors.

“Congratulations first of all. I came out here with a big speech, after that, you get it, there’s nothing I can tell you that you don’t already know,” Garth told Chris on stage. “Driving in here tonight, passed a billboard it says ‘welcome to the family.’ Family is great name for this place. Another great name for this place, I heard, is church. It’s what it’s all about. Because if any time you are at your lowest these people are going to be there for you. And they expect the same out of you and they’ll get the same out of you. Chris, it is my honor to welcome you to the family.”

Chris accepted the honor through tears, thanking family and friends for supporting him over his 13 year career. Even calling for his wife and four children to be by his side as he accepted the Opry award.

“How do you not cry on a night like this?” Chris said to the cheering crowd. “To know me is to know I really, truly love the Grand Ole Opry. … This will be a moment I will never forget. … Thanks for making my dreams come true, and thanks for buying a ticket to the Opry to see it happen! I hope you come back a million times! I’ll buy the ticket for ya. I don’t even care. I love you that much!”

Following his acceptance, Chris retreated backstage where he was greeted by family, friends and industry colleagues. After a few words from Chris and Opry manager Sally Williams, Chris cut the famous Opry cake and celebrated his big night.

Keith Urban invited the 31-year-old to be a member of the Opry in February, after the two performed John Michael Montgomery’s “Sold” on the Opry stage.

Chris Janson Opry Cake for Induction
Photo by Lisa Konicki