Chris Lane Drops New Heartfelt Ballad “Hero” Ahead of Album Release

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Chris Lane Hero single
Photo by Delaney Royer

Chris Lane may be known for his feel-good songs and undeniable swagger but on new song “Hero,” the singer shares a different side of himself. The soaring ballad was penned by Josh Miller and follows several characters as they navigate life by themselves and hope to find a hero to fill the void.

While the song’s opening tells the tale of a young girl who is lost and is hoping for attention, the second verse focuses on a high school boy playing football with an absentee dad.

“He’s all geared up for his football game / He’s wearing his jersey with the same last name / That’s a reminder of the guy who ain’t around these days / And his mama’s up in them aluminum stands / Saying ‘Run, baby, run!’  / She’s his number one fan doing the best she can / Wondering why his daddy can’t be a better man,” Chris croons.

“‘Hero’ is a very special song to me. I’ve never had a song quite like this one,” Chris says in a statement. “It’s one of those story songs you always look for, and the third verse really hits home for me. It’s who I am, it’s how I grew up.”

The third verse focuses on faith and has Chris singing about being in church, listening to a preacher and accepting Jesus. “Jesus is a hero and everybody needs a hero,” he sings on the song’s final verse.

“The song I’m releasing tonight is called “Hero” it’s a special song!” Chris shares on Twitter. “Hope it hits you like it hit me!!! If you like your country music with a story behind it!! This songs for you!! I’ve never recorded a song quite like this one!! That 3rd verse says it all.”

“Hero” follows three previously released instant grat tracks from Chris’ forthcoming sophomore album, Laps Around the Sun, out July 13.