Chris Stapleton Brings Down The House On “Austin City Limits”

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Chris Stapleton graced the “Austin City Limits” and, unsurprisingly, played an exceptional selection of songs from his recent From A Room: Vol 2. While Stapleton’s albums are touchstones examples of modern country and highlight his talent and a singer-songwriter, his live performances are where his abilities truly shine. And for music fans, there is no better stage than ACL.

As Stapleton’s accolades continue to pile up, so also does his selection of stand-out songs. His bluesy Ameircana country resonates with fans beyond the bounds of the genre making him one of the most recognizable musicians in both country and the music industry at large. He is swiftly becoming the great ambassador of country music, which, with the genres ever-increasing tendencies to stray from its roots, can only be viewed as good news.

To those who disagree, I suggest watching his performances of “Tryin’ to Untangle My Mind”, “I Was Wrong”, and “Second One To Know.”

I would buy a full price ticket just to watch him perform “I Was Wrong” and would love every moment. He doesn’t get many opportunities to show off his guitar chops on TV making these performances rare treats.

Any country fan who dislikes Stapleton doesn’t know what they’re looking at.

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