Bill Murray is Still a Bigger Chris Stapleton Fan Than You

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It’s been a year since Chris Stapleton‘s debut album Traveller dropped and 6 months since everyone else in the world caught up to his greatness during the 49th Annual CMA Awards. These days, everyone labels themselves a Chris fan, but most of those fans are still pretty far behind Bill Murray.

Last summer, Chris released a series of videos of Bill truly enjoying himself at one of Chris’ shows. He drank wine from his shirt, sang along and stood up when no one else was standing up.

Bill first heard of Chris when he was with the SteelDrivers and the two spent some time together. Chris told Rolling Stone Country, “If you can imagine a conversation with a compilation of all of those characters he’s played — from ‘Caddyshack’ to ‘Lost in Translation’ — then you can imagine a conversation with him,” he explains. “I wasn’t gonna ask him for Caddyshack stories, though.”

The two were reunited recently after Chris’ show in Charleston.

We want to be in on the conversation.

Bill Murray Has Loved Chris Stapleton Longer Than You Have: