Morgane Stapleton Said Chris “Outshines the Sun” and He Couldn’t Stop Laughing


Chris and Morgane Stapleton are one of country music’s most talented and successful couples, but without any doubt, they’re also the most humble couple in Music City.

Scoring an interview with the most famous beard in country music isn’t hard because he’s too good for them, he’s really that humble. And busy. But, “Today Sunday” and Willie Geist caught up with both Stapletons during a brief break at their home in Nashville and we got some real insight into the pair and into Chris.

On Justin Timberlake and the 2015 CMA Awards

1. “That was a moment that struck a match and threw it on the fire.” — Chris

2. “I knew that we were going to have fun…he’s so musical…” — Chris

How He Got Into Music

3. “I had an uncle who was a musical guy… I kind of came to music through a lack of wanting to do anything else.” — Chris

4. “Once I found out that you could be a songwriter for a living, I thought that was the greatest jobs I’d ever heard of and I was going to find a way to have that job.” — Chris

On “Drink A Beer” with Luke Bryan

5. “That song actually became something meaningful to me, more so than we actually wrote it.”– Chris

Chris and Morgane

6. The Stapletons first date was a songwriting session.

7. “It’s genuine, it’s authentic… whatever makeup he has for writing a song or playing a song, it’s him completely and it just takes over. And it outshines the sun in a lot of ways to me.” — Morgane

“I outshine the sun? Come on, honey.” — Chris

8. Chris laughed for 20 minutes straight when he found out Morgane was pregnant with twins.

On Music

9. “There are happier moments on this record. This record feels a little more hopeful.” — Chris

10. The highest compliment Chris has ever gotten came from his dad– he took out Alan Jackson’s Greatest Hits out and put Chris’ album in.

11. Yes, Chris wrote “Daddy Doesn’t Pray Anymore” in 10 or 15 minutes.

12. Morgane says Chris always has an idea for a song whether it’s a lyric, a melody or a guitar riff.