Chris Stapleton Surprised A Very Lucky Couple During Their Wedding Reception and He Even Cried


When Chris Stapleton is coming to an area near you and like good country music, you plan months in advance to go. And sometimes, your wedding ends up being on the same day and somehow, you still figure out how to get there. That’s what happened to Ryan Braun and his new bride Stephanie.

The Ohio-based couple had tickets to the show, but decided their wedding vows trumped concert attendance, so they went on with their big and their first dance to Stapleton’s “Tennessee Whiskey.” That’s when things took a turn.

Thanks to B-105, the couple was whisked away to Stapleton’s show where they were able to meet him and get some photos. The event was so emotional even Stapleton cried.

All photos from AJ Studio.

Stephanie told the crew at B-105 all about it and well, we’re inviting Stapleton to our next wedding.