Christian Artist Chris Tomlin Helps Foster Kids With ‘Good Friday Nashville’ Concert


Christian artist Chris Tomlin held a press conference Thursday afternoon (March 1) to announce the upcoming second annual Good Friday Nashville concert at Bridgestone Arena on March 30.

Chris, who has sold over eight million albums throughout his career, is currently enjoying he success of his recent No. 1 album Never Lose Sight, which features three of his No. 1 hits, “Jesus,” “Good Good Father” and “Home.”

While Chris will be headlining the concert, he has included some special guests, Kim Walker-Smith, Matt Maher, Christine D’Clario, Tauren Wells, Pat Barrett, Levi Lusko and more.

“When I moved to Tennessee, the one thing I wanted to do is do something for the state of Tennessee with Good Friday,” Chris said at the press conference. “I thought Good Friday is such a beautiful night to do a concert.”

The inaugural ‘Good Friday Nashville’ event in 2017 became the largest ticketed Christian concert in Bridgestone’s history. Due to the overwhelming response, Chris decided to hold the concert each year for the next seven years. He went ahead and booked the Bridgestone Arena on Good Friday until 2024.

“My wife and I decided this was something we wanted to do for years to come. This was not going to be a one night event,” Chris said. “So we asked Bridgestone if we could put it on hold for Good Friday for seven years. That’s as long as they could give it to us.

“This is a big step of Faith thinking that, first of all, no one is coming and we’re going to do it for seven years. To see the outpouring was incredible. More incredible than that, Lauren and I decided—I said ‘Lauren, I feel like we should give everything away. What is that? What can we give to? Where is the need?’ Every road kept leading to foster care and adoption in the state. Everywhere I turned it’s about foster care and the kids of this state”

In addition to the annual concert, Chris has teamed up with Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam and his wife Crissy Haslam once again to distribute all the proceeds from the Good Friday concert to Tennessee Kids Belong.

Tennessee Kids Belong is a non-profit organization committed to creating enough foster families, enough adoptive families, and enough support so that all children and families – whether foster, adoptive, or biological – can thrive.

“I’m so excited it about it,” Chris added. “Everything is right. This is all the things that God can do. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.”

Tickets for Good Friday Nashville are on sale now.